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Miss Entebbe

A Film by: Omri Levy
(Israel, 2003, 80 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Merav Abrahami, Meyrav Gruber, Igal Naor, Alon Oleartchik, Odelia Segal)                                                                              

Jerusalem 1976, a coming of age story of a confused girl, set against the Entebbe airplane hijacking.
13- year-old Noa, is convinced she can free her friend’s mom by kidnapping an Arab boy. Instead , she finds herself  involved in a dangerous adventure that quickly  develops a life of its own, and becomes deadly serious.

Noa and her neighbor  friends try to follow the adults patterns of behavior but, while entering the turmoil of poltical conflict and hatred, they discover that the solution is not to be found in the violent adult arena, but rather within their own hearts.  


• Berlin International Film Festival - Special Mention
 Palm Springs International Film Festival 
 Seattle International Film Festival
 Jerusalem Film Festival
 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
 JCC Salt Lake Jewish Film Festival
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