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Mika's Homecoming

A Film by: Tal Elazar & Marco Carmel
(Israel, 2014, 51 Minutes, Color, Hebrew. English subtitles, Cast:Joy Rieger, Shir Moreno, Omer Dror and Ella Armoni)

Mika's Homecoming tells the story of Mika, a 15 year old girl that returns with her family to Israel, after living in Los Angeles for several years.

During summer vacation, Mika creates a deep friendship with her new neighbor, Roni. But just before school starts, Mika gets an once-in-a-lifetime offer from the popular girls in her future class: if she terminates her friendship with Roni, she can join the popular clique. Mika wants to be loyal to her friend but also desperately needs to fit in with her new Israeli peers.

Mika chooses popularity, betrays Roni, and becomes a leading member of the in-group. Mika discovers that her knowledge of American teen-age customs lends her glamour in the eyes of the Israeli popular girls.

As the class prepares for a homecoming-style dance that Mika imports from LA, Mika gradually realizes the heavy price she's paying for social acceptance. She learns to understand her true values, and finally finds the strength in herself to act on them.  

• Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2014
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