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Metallic Blues

A Film by: Dan Verete
(Israel/Canada/Germany, 2004, 90 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Avi Kushnir, Moshe Ivgy, Ulrich Matschoss, Rolf Nagel )

This is the story of a tragicomic journey to Germany by an Israeli used car dealer and his faithful assistant, who try to earn a handsome profit selling an American luxury car - Lincoln Continental Limousine - that they bought in Israel for an once-in-a-lifetime bargain price.

It’s the story of a dream and how it ishattered, a journey of two men who wander through a rich, strange and frozen Germany in the dead of winter, initially trying to make a quick buck and eventually struggling to escape with their last few pennies and most of all – their dignity.

It’s also the story of the metamorphosis of a gleaming and brilliant American symbol that fires the imagination of the two and then nearly drives them out of their minds.

A film about friendship and reconciliation while in the background are echoes of the dark days in the history of the two nations and the Israeli collective memory.


• Awards of the Israeli Film Academy - Best Supporting Actor Moshe Ivgy
 Jerusalem Film Festival - Best Screenplay and Best Actor
 São Paulo Jewish Film Festival - Jury Special Mention
 Seattle International Film Festival 
 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
 Toronto Jewish Film Festival
 New Jersey Jewish Film Festival
 Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
 Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival
 Dayton Jewish Film Festival
 San Diego Jewish Film Festival
 San Antonio Jewish Film Festival

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