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Max & Morris

A Film by: Yankul Goldwasser
(Israel, 1994, 80 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Orna Banai, Uri Gavriel, Moshe Ivgy, Arie Muskuna, Daphna Rechter, Matti Seri, Eli Yatzpan )

Max and Morris, best friend and big losers, spend most of their time in "Mordoch`s Restaurant", dreaming of hitting the big-time. They need cash quickly to repay a loan borrowed from "The Sleaze", so that  Morris'  fiancé, Bella, can launch a career as a rock star. 

Max & Morris couldn`t come up with a scheme to save their lives but, coincidentally, a helluva plan falls into their laps – to clean out "The Sleaze`s" safe.

Also by coincidence, Bella's father, "Zbish the Pollack", plans to rob "The Sleaze" with his Partner, "Mordoch the Arab". Meanwhile, Bella has a plan of her own to outsmart the men in her life – which shouldn't be too difficult. 
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