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A Film by: Hanan savyon,Guy Amir,Oded Raz

(Israel, 2017, 105 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Benjamin Schwebe/Edna Balilius/Gal Amitai/Arie Cherner/Avraham Selektar/Ami Anidagar/Eli Haviv/Arik Eshet/Itzhak Laor/Eran Sarel/OrBen Melech/Moran Marziano
Yair Lehamen/Michel Mishaiev/Oshri Kriaf


an Arabic word meaning 'everything is pre-written'.
In the heart of the old city in Jerusalem lies the Wailing Wall, the holiest Jewish religious site. According to Jewish tradition anyone who writes their secret wish on a piece of paper and nestles it between the stones of the wall, will see their wish come true. This old belief is the basis of the story of Maktub.
STEVE and CHUMA are a duo of rough and tough thugs who collect protection
money for Keselsy, a Jerusalem-based crime organization. At the end of their
collection round they go to a restaurant. After dinner, when they are both in the
men’s room, a deafening blast sound is heard from within the restaurant. They
come back in to discover that they are the only survivors of a deadly attack.
They flee straight to the Wailing Wall to pray Hagomel - a Jewish prayer giving
thanks to God for saving their lives. Chuma believes that their being the only
survivors is a sign from God that they have to stop doing what they had been doing..

From this moment on these two ex-debt collectors lurk at the Wailing Wall's square
and 'pick and choose' the lucky messages whose wishes they will help grant.

While  making other people's wishes come true, Steve and Chuma find themselves dealing with their own secret wishes too. The notes they choose to deal with (and help realize) reverberate with their own lives and secrets, secrets that threaten to unravel their friendship…


•  Chicago International FF 2017
•  LA Israeli FF 2017
•  Miami JFF 2018
•  Philadelphia Israeli FF 2018
•  Boca Raton JFF 2018
Screening fee:  $1,500.00

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