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Life According to Agfa - Restored Copy!

A Film by: Assi Dayan
(Israel, 1992, 102 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Gila Almagor, Shuli Rand, Irit Frank, Avital Dicker, Smadar Kilchinsky)

In this tragic drama, the characters are all denizens of Tel Aviv's nightlife, and the action takes place in  an all-night bar owned by two women with difficult romantic relationships.

The first owner is Dalia, the mistress of a film producer who is not in good health. The second owner is Leora, whose policeman boyfriend Benny can't stop tomcatting around.

The bar is currently populated by the owners, some well-lubricated soldiers, Leora's boyfriend Frank, Riki (a mentally fragile woman who is "under doctor's orders" never to allow herself to be alone), a singer, some drug dealers, and the Arabs who work in the kitchen.

At first Benny plays the hero by rescuing Riki (Avital Dicker) from the soldiers, but then he seduces her, with tragic results. More tragedy follows, as the crows of truth come home to roost.


• Berlin International Film Festival – Special Mention
 Amsterdam Jewish Film Festival
 Travelling Festival, France
 Nancy Israeli Film Festival, France
 Forum des Images, Paris
 Israelian Films in Aix provence, France
 PKF- Milan Israeli Film festival
 Amsterdam Jewish Film Festival
 Festival SERET - London 2013
• Museum of Jewish History, Paris
• Bielefeld, Germany 2014
• Washington JFF 2014
• Vienna JFF 2014
• PKF Rome 2014

•  NY JFF 2019
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