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Lady Titi

A Film by: Esti Almo Wexler
(Israel, 2018, 97 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Zvika Iskias, Elza Almo
Lirit Balaban, TehilaYshayahu-Adgeh, Aryeh Cherner)

It seems that race and racism are issues that do not disappear from the news all
over the world. But Worko does not care about race. He is a 27 year old man of Ethiopian origin who lives in Tel Aviv and has one dream - to become a famous singer.

He borrows money to create a video-clip which he thinks will bring him his big break. Meanwhile, the people he borrowed the money from are catching up with him and threatening his life.

Worko realizes he can't return the money, so he decides to run and hide at the place where he grew up, his mother's home in an Ethiopian ghetto. When the underworld thugs arrive and try to find him in the ghetto, Worko dresses up as a sexy and provocative woman named "Titi" and becomes a coordinator for an Ethiopian women empowerment group. Just then he meets the love of his life…


* Nominated for 3 Israeli Academy Awards including Best Soundtrack
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