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La Promise

A Film by: Anat Schwatrz  
(Israel, 2017, 84 min, English and French, Hebrew English subtitles).
In Paris they were called "Jews", in Israel they are the "French”:

Marouane who was circumcised at the age of 18, dreams of becoming a shepherd in
Jerusalem; Isabelle who follows her husband to Netanya, leaves her son behind; and
Valerie, the television star, lives in Tel Aviv and misses a Paris that has long gone.

Terror attacks in France, Terror attacks in Israel. Wandering Jews, arriving in Israel
to discover its reality - tougher than they knew, beautiful and struggling, disintegrating.

Five years of continuous cinematic observation of the French immigration, 100,000 people and one question left open: Why?

• DocAviv  - In competiton 2017
• Visions Du Reel 2017
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