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Je T'Aime, I Love You Terminal

A Film by: Dani Menkin 
(Israel, 2010, 80 Minutes, Color, English, English Subtitles, Cast: Mookie, Naruna De Macedo-Kaplan)

Je T'aime I Love You Terminal is a romantic, honest dialog driven film directed by Israeli Academy Award Winning filmmaker Dani Menkin (39 Pounds of Love - HBO). 

While traveling to his wedding, Ben (Mooki) meets Emma (Naruna De Macedo Kaplan) in an airport, and the two quickly form a deep connection.

This Award Winning film follows Ben and Emma's travel in Prague while they reconsider their original plans of travel, life and relationships.

"Verbal sparring and tender chemistry of the two lead actors against a soundtrack to fall in love with...”  
"...It is a reminder that movies can be...dare I say it? Fun...."
"Tender, funny and fast-paced, the film strikes all the right notes and give a familiar genre a playful twist" (Midnight East)

"Extremely funny..."

"Loose and believable acting..."

"Engaging" (Avi Nesher and grand jury at the Haifa International Film Festival)


• Palm Beach International Film Festival
 Winner Haifa  International Film Festival Distribution Award
 San Francisco Indiefest Film Festival 
 "The Indie Spirit" Film Festival, Colorado Springs
 ISRATIM Israel Film Festival, Paris
 Montreal Jewish Public Library, 2011
 Bahamas International Film Festival, 2011
 Washington Jewish Film Festival, 2011
 Manhattan JCC, 2011
 Miami Jewish Film Festival, January, 2012
 Pheonix Jewish Film Festival, February, 2012
 Weselyan University, Connecticut, March 2012

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