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It All Beings at Sea

A Film by: Eitan Green
(Israel, 2008, 96 Minutes, Color, Hebrew/English, English subtitles, Cast: Yuval Segal, Dorit Lev-Ari, Ron Jaegermann)

This is the story of the coming of age of the Goldstein family - mother, father and son; an Israeli family coping with a familiar array of life experiences - friendship, love, sex, death. 

The film comprises three episodes: the first occurs at the seashore, the second unfolds in Ashkelon National Park among the ancient statues and ruins, and the third takes us to the family's new home into which they have moved in anticipation of the birth of a new baby.

Each of these situations becomes fraught with danger and drama. Taken together, they bind the three family members to each other more strongly and more profoundly than before. Fate plays tricks on the Goldsteins; sometimes the tricks are amusing, often they are menacing. The Goldsteins cannot rely on fate, only on each other...

"None of us are born parents. Our children teach us how to be parents... 'We live, as we dream -- alone,' wrote Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness. Still and all, we live both with our parents and with our children forever." -- Eitan Green


• Montreal World Film Festival 2008 - Innovation Award
 Winnipeg Jewish Film Festival 2009
 Montreal Israeli Film Festival 2009
 Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2009
 Berlin Jewish Film Festival 2009
 Israel Film Festival - Los Angeles 2009
 Israeli Embassy of Rome 2009
 Contra Costa Israel Center 2009
 Australia Israel Cultural Exchange 2009
 UK Jewish Film Festival 2009
 Calgary Jewish Film Festival 2009
 Rome Israeli Film Festival 2009
 Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival 2009

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