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A Film by: Eyal Halfon
(Israel, 2003, 77 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Dan Shapira, Alon Abotbol)

As the sun sets on the day of Yom Kippur 1973, David and Yoel, best friends ever, climb into their tanks heading off to a desperate battle. One month after this most painful war, a company of soldiers attempts to recount and comprehend what really happened.

Never has a war been depicted in Hebrew literature in quite the same way as it is  depicted in "InSight", Haim Sabato highly praised and prize awarded book. This film portrays the compelling emotions found in the book. A sequence of sights and insights interlaced with one principal narrative: the hero’s efforts to find out what became of his beloved friend who never made it back from the war.

An unbearable conflict in the soul of a religious young man: why has his own life been chosen by the Almighty, and not his friend's?


"A wonderful, unique in the great sensitivity invested in it. A movie invested with a rare quality in Israeli filmmaking – love of Israel. In the worldwide genre of war films, there isn't a movie that features the human being, this soft and vulnerable creature, caught in the fire of war, as well as this unassuming Israeli film." - Amnon Lord, First Source Newspaper, Israel

"Eyal Halfon's movie, "InSight”, acquaints us with the events of the war in a very different and refreshing manner: through the eyes of ordinary soldiers. This is a value-laden movie; a movie that emotionally, sensitively and artistically concerns itself with the events of the war and the loss of a dear friend. The book, and later the movie, moves the focus from the strategic failures of the war to the personal and existential pain associated with it." - Avi Baniya, Channel 7, Israel


• Winner of the Best Drama Award - Jerusalem International Festival (2003)
 Winner of Audience Award - New York Israeli Film Festival (2004) 
 Utopia Jewish Center, NY
 Beth El Synagogue Center
 Palm Beach JFF 2017

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