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I Wish You Would Die

A Film by: Amalia Margolin
(Israel, 2012, 55 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles)

A documentary film depicting the relationship between Michal Shapira and the late Ori Slonim.

Slonim died of cancer in October 2011, 4 days after his 31st birthday. Nevertheless, “I Wish You Would Die”, in which Ori and Michal record themselves during the last five months of his life, is a film inspired by love and courage.

Ori and Michal’s relationship began with Michal’s participation in the documentary series “Coming Soon Love” which followed 6 single women who shared a single goal – to find a new love. Michal had recently ended a complex relationship with a man 20 years older than she.  Ori was a charming and successful copywriter who discovered that he had a rare and difficult cancer. She was looking for love.  He was looking for a reason to live.

“I’m alive, so obviously this is a film about life. But I don’t know what the end will be” says Slonim at the beginning of the film.  “There are a few options. I could die – which would be a dramatic ending. Or the second option might be that a miracle could happen and I’ll… get better Maybe it will be about Michal. We might get married, or divorced or have a baby. You can never tell with her. That's what so much fun"
“I Wish You Would Die” was filmed between preparations for Ori and Michal’s music show and treatments at hospitals,  We are witness to their conversations and thoughts concerning what happens when love in faced with the most difficult test.

The title of the film is taken from a song which Ori and Michal performed shortly before his death – lyrics by Meir Goldberg and melody by the late Ori Slonim.


"A strong story, complex characters, and a clean style, devoid of emotional manipulation..." - Niv Shtendel, City Mouse

• Channel 2, Israel
• Zagreb JFF 2013
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