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A Film by: Itshak  Grad 
(Israel, 2001, 115 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Meital Dohan, Liat Glick, Tinkerbel, Micha Selektar, Gal Zeid)

One dramatic evening mixes the fates of three young women who live in the same apartment building in a big city. 

Abigail (a reporter) gets into the car that comes to pick up Dafna for a day of shooting. Dafna (an actress) mistakenly gets into the car of Avner – Efrat’s blind date. Efrat (a secretary) remains alone and ends up aimlessly wandering the streets of the city. These mistakes prompt a series of dramatic events that lead to a murder and change the lives of all those involved.

Giraffes is a puzzle of intertwined fates that create an illusory reality in which not everything is evident or clear - a reality that is open to interpretation...like life.


• Jerusalem International Film Festival - Best Script Award
 14 Nominations - All categories, to the Israeli 'OSCAR'
 BEST FEATURE FILM in The Scottsdale International Film Festival, 2003
 Israel Film Festival, across U.S.A
 New Delhi International Film Festival 
 Columbia Jewish Congregation
 Chicago Israeli Consulate


“A fun and intelligent suspense comedy. A unique work of art. A dark dimension”. (Haarez newspaper, Israel)

“Fun to watch, great actors, a marvelous movie!” (GLZ Radio, Israel)

"One of the smartest, most purely enjoyable Israeli pics in years, "Giraffes" has fun with the self-referencing, meta-cinema concept but never makes too big a deal out of it. By turns sexy, farcical and mysterious, pic boasts a polished look and a very appealing cast in a tale that can travel more easily than most Middle Eastern fare."
(Variety, ken Eisner – 25/6/03)
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