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Galis - The Journey to Astra

A Film by: Oded Raz
(Israel, 2014, 95 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Tuval Shafir, Eliana Tidhar, Daniel Moreshet, Shiran Sendel, Naveh Tzur, Henry David).

At the peak of his fame, Jonathan is thrown into an adventure in ASTRA, a post-apocalyptic world dominated by a cruel ruler. In this rough world and without the encouragement of fans or entourage, Jonathan must rely on himself and his own capabilities in order to survive. Leading a group of rebels, Jonathan tries to save Astra from the hands of the tyrant and gains a lesson about leadership, friendship and above all about love.

"Galis – The Film" is built on two parallel layers – a highly entertaining suspense plot along with a significant journey of coming of age for each of its main characters.
These two layers interweave in the plot, as well as the theme, which deals with the axiom of adolescence – only when you find your own identity can you really merge into society and contribute to the world around you. 
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