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Galis - Connect

A Film by: Assaf Korman
(Israel, 2015, 96 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Tuval Shafir, Eliana Tidhar, Daniel Moreshet, Shiran Sendel, Naveh Tzur, Henry David).

This is the second film for the successful Galis assembly known from the Israeli teen TV series. Jonathan is having a crisis. Again, he's been called to save the world and he feels that he can no longer handle the burden of being the Destined One.

A mysterious girl, who looks and acts likes Danny
convinces him to move over to her world: a place of pure fun and freedom. This parallel world runs by a chip which connects to the brain and immediately adapts itself to the user. It provides all your needs, knows what you like, downloads films for you, becomes your best friend, and, of course, tells you what you must buy. Jonathan connects to the chip, falls in love with this world, with its cheerful Danny and with the unbearable lightness of being. However, Jonathan and the other users of the chip don't know that from the moment they connect to the chip, each and every idea that they think of, is immediately sucked and erased from their brain by a corporation which is ruled by Lark, an eccentric entrepreneur and his beautiful and
obedient computer-version of a woman.

The real Danny goes on a courageous journey to rescue Jonathan and bring him back home. During that journey, she meets an underground organization of those who oppose the chip and helps them fight Lark and overthrow his regime for years which they kept failing, until they met the force of the Destined One. 

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