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Funeral at Noon

A Film by: Adam Sanderson
(Israel, 2013, 83 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Hilla Vidor, Yuval Yanai, Matan Aberbach, Meirav Gruber, Adriano Jauvel)

In spite of her husband's repeated attempts at involving her in the village life and starting a family with her, Hagar Erlich feels alienated. She is unemployed and childless and is eventually forced to watch over Yiftach, the ten year old son of the neighbor. But Hagar soon comes to appreciate this gentle, vulnerable boy who touches her soul.  In spite of the boy’s hesitations, she convinces him to follow her into the ruins of an enchanted, abandoned village – her secret hideaway. 

There, among the ruins, Hagar exposes Yiftach to a platoon of soldiers doing field training, and turns his attention to one rebellious soldier whom she’s been following for some time. The boy is charmed by the soldier, the ruins and this new world that has opened to him, and sneaks out of his house with Hagar to visit this forbidden place time and again.
Using the boy, Hagar musters up the courage to connect with the soldier, and comes closer to her passions, comes closer to herself, but also comes closer to a great tragedy. This is a story about a woman's yearning for human touch in a harsh, ascetic world, and the destructive guilt that follows

• Haifa Int' FF - Best Actress Award
• San Sebastian Film Festival  - Kutxa-New Directors
• Cinemed – Montpellier – Official Competition
• CAMERIMAGE - Official Competition
• Goteborg International Film Festival
• San Francisco JFF 2014
• The Avalon, DC 2014
• Bucharest JFF 2014
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