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A Film by: Arik Lubetzky   
(Israel, 2017, 82 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Tsufit Grant, Shmuel Vilozny
Liat Akta, Shlomi Koriat ).

Oded, a renowned professor and research scientist, is on his way to receive a prestigious award, accompanied by his wife Merav. Unexpectedly  the police call and ask him to stop by to answer a few questions. In an instant their world crumbles. 
Noa, one of Oded’s undergraduate students, has accused him of sexual coercion. In a confrontation with Noa Oded denies any romantic liaison but when faced with evidence, and on the advice of the family attorney, he confesses to lying about their affair. 
At the police station there is a harsh reckoning between Oded and Merav. The media reports the story and the shaming in the social networks hits hard. When Oded and Merav’s youngest son gets wind of the situation he demands explanations.
Noa must confront her mother, who demands that she coverup the whole business
and Merav, who pressures her to stop the disaster.
The film takes place during a single day when the family’s life comes apart.  Merav maneuvers between her anger at Oded, who she accuses of ignoring her for their entire relationship, and her instincts to protect her family. She stands by Oded but knows that their lives will never be the same.

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