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Everything is Broken Up and Dances

A Film by: Nony Geffen
(Israel, 2015, 98 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Nony Geffen, Dudu Tassa,
Kobi Farag, Makram J Khoury, Gilat Ankori, Yossi Marshak)

Nony Geffen, a 30 year old student living in Tel Aviv with his roommate Rotem, is a musician and is secretly in love with Hadas. He is called up for a military operation in Gaza .  The APC, in which he and his unit are riding, is hit by a Hamas rocket. Nony is the sole survivor.  He comes back from Gaza a different person and is cared for by his parents and a military psychiatrist.
 After lengthy psychiatric treatment Nony starts to communicate again – only now he is convinced that he is ‘Amnon’, the deceased uncle for whom he was named.
Amnon had been an unrecognized singer. Nony is not a singer and now he doesn’t even remember how to play. At first, when Nony performs, people laugh at this strange guy but then he becomes a phenomenon. When he is at the height of his success on the one hand, but also at the height of his mental disorder, Nony meets Hadas again.


•  Hong Kong JFF 2016
•  Israeli FF LA 2016
•  Berlin JFF 2017
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