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Wounded Land/Israel 2015

A Film by: Erez Tadmor

A Place in Heaven/Israel 2013

A Film by: Yossi Madmony

Operation Sunflower/Israel 2014

A Film by: Avraham Kushnir

Sweets/Israel 2013

A Film by: Joseph Pitchhadze

Under the Same Sun/Israel 2012

A Film by: Sameh Zoabi

Hora 79/Israel 2013

A Film by: Eli Cohen

Funeral at Noon/Israel 2013

A Film by: Adam Sanderson

Eagles/Israel 2012

A Film by: Dror Sabo

The Ballad of the Weeping Spring/Israel 2012

A Film by: Beni Torati

White Panther/Israel 2013

A Film by: Danny Reisfeld

The World is Funny/Israel 2012

A Film by: Shemi Zarhin

Up the Wrong Tree/Israel 2013

A Film by: Gur Bentvich

Mika's Homecoming/Israel 2014

A Film by: Tal Elazar & Marco Carmel

Slower than a Heartbeat/Israel 2012

A Film by: Yanai Goz & Yoni Zicholtz

2Night/Israel 2012

A Film by: Roi Werner

Intimate Grammar/Israel 2010

A Film by: Nir Bergman

Restoration/Israel 2011

A Film by: Yossi Madmony

Dr. Pomerantz/Israel 2011

A Film by: Assi Dayan

My Lovely Sister/Israel 2011

A Film by: Marco Carmel

The Debt/Israel 2007

A Film by: Assaf Bernstein
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