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Douze Points

A Film by: Danny Sirkin
(Israel, 2019, 90 min, Hebrew, French English , English subtitles, Cast:
Adel Zach Fakiel, Mali Levi, Roi Miller, Yoav Levi, Itzik Cohen, Tal Friedman, Shani Klein

Rasoul Abu-Marzuk and Tarik Jihad were childhood best friends who grew
up together in the Muslim quarter of Paris until Tarik decided to come out
of the closet at the age of 15. It was at that moment that Rasoul turned his back on his best friend and Tarik was excommunicated from his community.
10 years later Tarik is now TJ, a proud, gay singer that has left his
past behind and lives like there is no tomorrow, fulfilling his dream to represent France in Europe's biggest song contest. 
Rasoul has taken a different path. He followed his extremist, Islamic
father, Abbas, and is now part of an ISIS terror cell in Paris. ISIS decides
that the 2019 Europe song contest, set to take place in Israel, is a great opportunity for their biggest terror attack ever!!! They plan to plant one
of their operatives into the French delegation at the contest in order to
set off an explosion under the stage during the final performance of
the event.
The ISIS cell will make sure that TJ represents France at the European
song contest and that one of their members will be under-cover, acting as TJ’s boyfriend. What TJ doesn’t know is that ISIS is planning to carry out
the lethal attack, and that his “boyfriend” is none other than Rasoul.
The Israeli Mossad does know about the planned attack and they put
their toughest, most experienced team into the contest in order to
prevent a major catastrophe.  


* Rome Israeli FF 2019
* San Diego JFF 2020
* Amsterdam LGBTQ IFF 2020


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