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Dina Malul Fights Back

A Film by: Amit Saragosi
(Israel, 2019, 22 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Mali Levi, Orna
Fitousi, Marina Shoif, Angela Steingart, Timor Cohen, Zohar Strauss,
Liron Halfon).

Dina Malul, 39, is a cashier at the local supermarket and a single mother
who is struggling to make ends meet. After still another cut in salary and
from a feeling of deep despair, Dina decides on a quiet but brave way to
fight the system.

As an act of revenge she begins to "give" some products to people without pay, a redistribution of wealth, the action of a modern day Robin Hood.
The rest of the cashiers are inspired by Dina and join her campaign. The supermarket thrives, the customers are satisfied, and the girls manage to maintain their dignity.

But the courageous move gets complicated when Liliana, the supervisor, catches them and threatens to tell the management.

•  Nominated for Best Short Film Ophir Academy Awards 2019
•  Atlanta JFF 2020
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