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A Film by: Eyal Shiray
(Israel, 2005, 74 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Adam Hirsch, Assi Dayan, Tinkerbell, Shraga Harpaz)

This a coming of age story about Ilan, a 14 year old boy who runs away from his home in an agricultural settlement in the south of Israel in search of his 22 year old sister, Dalia.

He finds her living on her own in Haifa, a port city up north, supporting herself by working on cruise ships. The two siblings form a very unusual relationship. While Dalia is away at sea, Ilan strikes up a friendship with Avraham, an older man who long ago fought with the partisans and remained a devout Communist.  Avraham lives in the neighborhood in an abandoned building that he has  taken possession of illegally. Ilan is totally smitten by his eccentricities but keeps their friendship a secret.

Meanwhile Ilan finds himself attracted to his sister, is jealous of her, and even peeps at her in the shower. She also senses that their relationship is going in an odd direction and is confused by this.

Ilan and Avraham's friendship grows deeper and deeper as they spend time together on the roof tending their garden.

One day a contractor comes by in preparation for tearing down "Avraham's house"  which is to be the site of a new shopping center. Avraham has no intention of giving up his house and warns Ilan not to get involved and to keep away.

The relationship between brother and sister starts to get out of control, and in a moment of passion, Ilan runs away. Dalia is shocked. Looking for a place to go, Ilan breaks into Avraham's house and hides in the shower. He feels all alone in the world. The next morning the contractor comes to demolish the house just as a huge explosion shakes the neighborhood. The contractor's car gets blown up. Avraham has declared war. He is prepared for his last stand. As it turns out, Ilan is there with him and Dalia is outside with the security forces, beside herself with fear for her brother's safety.

This is the story of three heroes, the boy (Ilan), the sister (Dalia), and the old man (Avraham) intertwined by compassion and love, in the bizarre and  eccentric reality of the world we live in today.


• Detroit Jewish Film Festival 2008

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