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Clean Sweep

A Film by: Oded Davidoff
(Israel, 2001, 92 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Yael Hadar, Alon Aboutboul, Gal Zaid, Dalit Kahan, Tomer Sharon)

CLEAN SWEEP – an outrageously funny thriller about how a woman’s sexual satisfaction plays a pivotal role in the police’s ability to carry out justice.

The clock is ticking and fast.  Only 24 hours until the trial of the most insidious underworld mobster.  One witness remains.  No matter what it takes, LIEUTENANT SCHECTER is set on not losing this case.  He breaks the law by sending his detective and lover AYA MASTRICHI, a street smart undercover cop, out to plant a bug on the mobster.

To get to the mobster, AYA befriends SHULI, his neighbor.  SHULI is in the middle of her doctorate thesis on female orgasm.  She picks up immediately on AYA’s personal and sexual frustrations.  All too willing to spread the word, SHULI eagerly launches into her wild take on the subject which gets AYA really thinking.

After masterfully infiltrating the mobster’s home and strategically planting the bug, AYA returns to the safe house.  Taking SCHECTER aside, she diplomatically explains to him the importance of her reaching orgasm.  He explodes, ridiculing her in front of everyone.  It is then that AYA realizes that SCHECTER is not only using her in bed, but also plans on using her as bait to snag the bad guy. 

From that moment on a chain of extraordinary and brilliantly  funny events follow. With everything now on the line SCHECTER readily sacrifices AYA. Fighting for her life, she tosses out all the rules and orchestrates a  stunning sting.  AYA avenges herself of the men who betrayed her and along the way finds love and great sex!


• Awards of the Israeli Film Academy - Best Supporting Actress, Best Editing
• Bielefeld, Germany 2014
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