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A Film by: Doron Benvenisti 
(Israel, 2007, 101 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Eyal Shecter, Safrira Zachai, Tzufit Grant, Alon Newman, Michal Yannai)

A quiet evening with friends at Ran and Dana's is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a clairvoyant. Her prophecies regarding the number of children each member of the group will have, serve as a catalyst to disturb the fragile harmony amongst the group. Each of these middle-aged, educated and successful people reacts emotionally as their lives begin to unravel.

Ran Goldstein, the director of a successful international investment company is married to Dana and they have two children together. Keren, who is married to Leon, a successful lawyer, is a musician and plays in a string quartet with Dana. David, another friend, is a successful gynecologist who lives with his boyfriend Gal. No one knows David's true sexual identity and therefore, Ran sets him up with Daniella, Ran's secretary.

Ran is faced with an unnerving request: his 82 year old mother, Shlomit, is suffering from Alzheimer's and wishes to end her life. She has asked her son to help her. Dana must decide whether to keep the child she is carrying and tell her husband he is not the father.

Keren and Leon are at a crossroads. Leon doesn't want to have children. Keren does. David must decide between his true love, Gal, and his desire for a conventional family and children. Daniella is tired of looking for love and must decide whether David is the one.

The story is about a group of middle-aged Israelis living in Tel-Aviv who are faced with disturbing situations that ultimately lead them to make new, life-changing decisions. The emotional chaos these people find themselves in forces them to account for their actions and their choices. Will they find compromises they can live with?


• Cincinnati Jewish Film Festival, 2010 
 Houston Jewish Film Festival, 2009
 Pacific Jewish Film Festival, 2009
 Vermont Internationl Film Festival 2008
 New Jersey Jewish Film Festival 2008
 Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival 2008
 Washington Jewish Film Festival 2008
 Jerusalem International Film Festival 2007
 Montreal World Film festival 2007

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