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A Refusenik's Mother

A Film by: Ori Ben-Dov & Marit Moran-Zameret
(Israel, 2008, 50 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles)

Marit's son, Shimri is called up to serve in the army. Contrary to his mother's fundamental beliefs and in opposition to Israeli law, Shimi refuses to join what he considers to be "the occupation army". In his opinion, it would be an immoral act to serve in the Israeli army as it is today - an army which fights against the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

The reality of life in Israel is told in a different voice. This is a personal film which describes the drama of a conscientious objector from his mother's point of view as she witnesses the legal process of the military trial and the long two years of Shimri's imprisonment.

This personal struggle depicts some of the most serious dilemmas facing Israeli society; recruitment to the army as an unquestioned norm, the occupation, and the moral consequences of the occupation.  


• Haifa International Film Festival 
• Israeli Film Festival Amsterdam 
• Detroit Jewish Film Festival 
• Jstreet 

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