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A Beautiful Valley (Hanna's Garden)

A Film by: Hadar Friedlich 
(Israel, 2011, 84 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Batia Bar, Yael-Gili Ben Ouzilio, Hadar Avigad, Miriam-Ruth Geller, Shimon-Eli Ben- Rey)

Winner of the Best Full-Length Debut Film Award at the Jerusalem International Film Festival 

Hanna Medelssohn is an 80 year old widow and a proud member of the kibbutz she helped to establish. She strongly believes in the values of social equality and cooperation on which the kibbutz was created.

Hannah's world disintergrates as the privatization of the Kibbutz forces her into retirement and, after years of hard work and devotion, she finds herself useless. In addition she has to watch the Kibbutz turn into a community in which everyone is mainly concerned for his or her own wellbeing.

After all her hopes are dashed Hanna realizes that friendship still exists on the Kibbutz and that though things will never be the same, something new can flourish.


• Jerusalem International Film Festival 2010 - Best Full-Length Debut Film Award
 Shalom Europa
 Montpellier International Festival of Film (Cinemed)
 San Sebastian International Film Festival 
 Hamptons Int'l FF
 Kaleidoscopio + Milano+ Rome, Italy

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