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A Film by: Roi Werner 
(Israel, 2012, 87 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Yaron Brovinsky, Keren Berger)

In a city, where everything is possible, a guy meets a girl at a bar.  They decide to spend the night together and head back to the girl’s home but – they can’t find a parking space.

They embark on a search for the impossible – a parking space in the urban jungle, a place for the car and a place for the heart. They face strange people, one another and ultimately they must face themselves.

Their seemingly casual, comical conversations are a reflection of today’s 30+ generation in the big cities: Never satisfied, always looking for something else, always hoping to find but failing to commit.

"2Night" is a magical tour of situations, feelings, fears and love.

• Cinema South Film Festival (Israel) - Judges Award
 Odessa International Film Festival (Ukraine) - Best Acting Work - Keren Berger
 Vegas Independent Film Festival (USA)  - Best Micro Budget Film/Best Foreign Film
 Festival du Cinema Israelien (France) - Audience Award
 2012 Mexico International FIlm Festival (Mexico) - Silver Palm Award
 NY Israeli FF
 Miami Israeli FF
 LA Israeli FF
 Atlanta JFF
 Boston JFF
 Calgary JFF
 Pittsburgh JFF
 Virginia JFF
 Pitigliani Kolnoa FF- Rome
 Byron Bay FF Australia
 Australia Israeli FF
 Sao Paulo Israeli FF
 Off Plus Camera, Krakow
 SERET FF, London
 Shalom Europa FF - Strasbourg
 Middle East Now - Milan
 The Pineapple Underground, Hong Kong
 Brantford IFF - Canada
 Delhi IFF - India
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